Anybody else annoyed that a question only last for a few days at most?

Like the title says, a question here is only viable for a few days, then nobody can answer. Don't you ever find a question that you want to answer but it was asked "about a week ago" so you know it's not worth it anymore. That really annoys me haha


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  • You can answer questions from months ago, they just don't stay in the feed because new questions come up.

    • Well yes, but you miss out on the active discussion usually. I know that's just how this works, but it still bums me out when I come across a good question that was asked long enough ago that I know I'll be lucky if the asker responds to it.

    • If you really think it's that interesting and it was ages ago then ask your own question about it.

What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, I feel you. Especially with the most popular opinion" on people's profiles, I often find cool questions that are really old.