Can you still flag/report myTakes?

I just noticed that I can't anymore.

Do they get read by mods now before getting published?

Does anyone know?


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  • You can report myTakes but not Promoted myTakes.
    As mentioned in our G@G News and in our FAQ, myTakes have a gray lightbulb and Promoted myTakes have a blue/pink lightbulb. The admin team has reviewed and Promoted them, therefore we already decided they violate no rules, no report function is necessary for Promoted myTakes.

    Another bit of information that may help you, the FAQ also covers the differences between admins and mods.



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  • You cannot flag your own posts because that is both difficult to manage and annoying as fuck when you decide you don't like your own nonsense.

  • Why would you? they all seem to be reasonable.

    • maybe they cleaned up.. before there were questions where people wanted advice etc

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