Do you only come up with good questions on here when you're too busy to be on GAG and are under too much pressure such as school work?

It seem like 80% of the time I can only come up with good questions when I am doing a lot of studying or thinking about something completely unrelated and by the time I wanna post the question I forget. I had a couple of really good questions in my head that I forgot.


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  • OMG thats the story of my life

    • Haha lol that saying is so repetitive, but that's how I feel too good thing I am not alone.

    • Lol yea just felt like saying that, and yea sometimes i think of really good questions on exam days and when I'm on GAG then i forget like do i loose my braincells when log onto GAG lol

    • Haha same here the day of my final exam and my unit exams I had some really good question then forgot.

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