What this mess in Gag now?

does anyone feel he need to get out of this website because of all this mess around? none sense videos, ads, etc.. gosh it's become so fucking annoying..


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  • Well you haven't been here very long so I don't really see why you find it that annoying and if you do leave it technically wouldn't really make a difference.

    And no I've never felt that way but then again I passed level 8 pretty quickly but at the same time I did that buy being on GAG constantly and answering questions to be honest I only noticed the ads a little and once they were gone it took me forever tot even realize it that's how much I didn't care.

    As for videos you can't stop that you need to get over it. Powell can post videos as apart of their qiestion if they want to so it's either accept it or say goodbye to GAG...

  • the only thing that would make me leave gag is if the site turned into a total shithole or if my life was becoming too cluttered to make time for it.
    i can handle it as it is now.

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