What does the follow button do, what happen if you follow an anonymous and why would you follow someone?

I just realised today that I have some followers, and I've never followed any one so I dont know whats the purpose of it.


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  • Our FAQ is full of information like this.

    Following is a feature that allows you to build your own My Feed. When you Follow a member, a question, a topic, or a take, related new activity on that content will be shown in My Feed.

    You can go to the member’s profile and click Follow.
    If, at any point, you would like to stop following someone, simply click Unfollow from their profile page or your Following list.
    You can also hover your mouse over their username on questions/opinions and click the plus sign to Follow them.

    Followers are site members who seem to have liked your advice and decided to follow you, so that next time when you post a question, an opinion, a comment or a take, they can get notified on My Feed. They are your fans!

    If you are uneasy about someone following your activities, no worries; you can block them.

    • Unless all your follows, followers, and blocks disappear like mine did.

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  • you can't follow anyone while they're anonymous. the people you follow show u in your feed.


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  • well you can't follow anonymous, to answer that question. and the follow feature allows you to see their posts and stuff.