GaG censorship: Is it fair?

How do you feel about censorship on this site? Do you think it's biased?

I recently had a post and a question removed because apparently it was indecent and nonesense. The image was of a woman breastfeeding her child and was in response to a full frontal nude shot of a woman with her minge and titties out.
Personally I find it deplorable that a pornographic image had been up all day long but I post a photo of a breast that's got a baby on it, as it was designed to have, gets removed before it.
I also think it’s pretty shameful of GaG to remove my question multiple times and claim I am trolling. I didn’t contravene any of your guidelines you just didn’t like my question so pretended it didn’t meet the rules.

My question is at the top, I'm not trolling and I don't particularly want to get into an ethical and moral debate about whether you think breastfeeding is right or wrong. So it isn't antagonistic either.

Thoughts about selective censorship and questions being removed because of mods apparent personal dislike of a subject?

My response detailing why my question was removed:

Your Question has been removed because it was irrelevant, didn't contain enough details, and/or was considered trolling. Posts should contain engaging information and a specific question that members can answer. Please post relevant and appropriate content (and no trolling) to keep GirlsAskGuys both fun and helpful to our visitors. Please be more considerate with your future posts.
Thank you for your understanding.


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  • I can understand your frustration, but there are a set of guidelines intended to ensure no one is offended when browsing through this website. I did not come across your removed post but there are several reasons it could have been removed.
    Things such as:
    Offensive – Certain individuals may have found that post offensive and consequently reported it as such.

    No Sexuality Topic - All sexuality related Questions must be in a sexuality topic. I am unsure as to whether you followed this, but that is another potential reason as to why your post was removed.

    Explicit – The post contains sexually explicit details that are considered poor quality content. Another possible reason.

    Duplicate – If you've already posted a particular Question/Take, please do not post it again as it will be removed.

    Just a few reasons. I am not giving anything concrete or on behalf of the moderation team, this is just a personal observation with regards to this question and the Guidelines. I am sure you know where to find them. If not they are located here: "" under the title "Why would a Moderator hide a post? What are the posting guidelines?"

    • How was it actually sexual? It didn't break any of the rules and if you read my update the response from the mods was not appropriate as I didn't break any of these rules.

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    • Fair enough and I don't disagree, those are offensive. However if enough people report an offensive question it will be removed.

    • My question wasn't even given the chance to offend before it was removed. This is why I'm annoyed, I'll follow the rules but it's very unfair when the mods don't have to.

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  • It is actually somewhat odd, because I think you have to be at least a super mod to remove things, normal mods can just hide. One time I got a question that was "taken down temporarily for analysis from the admins" and I was like wtf that has never happened before. That question actually stayed up.

    Things get removed if enough people report it, I think. The basis for what qualifies as invalid content in my opinion is pretty arbitrary, so sometimes I'm a bit disappointed by what mods do remove, and what they don't.

    You probably need to make your point a bit more straight to the point next time, I guess.

    • It was hidden the minute it went up. You know just as well as me that this is written a thousand times better and has more of a point than most of the shit posted on here so I doubt it would have stayed up however I worded it. It was just an offended mod acting out of personal distaste.

    • Not uncommon. There's even a mod who has me banned even though I don't think I've ever talked to him.

  • In this case, FAIR is in the eyes of the beholder.
    YOU've been frequenting GAG enough to apply for moderator
    and thus employ YOUR eyes justly on this topic

    that said, moderators have reported GAG has removed them on a whim

    • I don't want to be a mod, plus they wouldn't let me because I'm not popular enough and we all know it's about the popularity on GaG. So the acceptance of mod status is just as unfair.

      I just find the whole: lets be open and engaging and discuss all these differnt topics, lets allow stupid, hate filled questions because you know, people should be able to discuss why me/women are scum/mysoginist/feminist whores etc but don't you dare post a pic of a boob if it isn't about sex or asking to be rated.

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    • That's fucking bullshit. We're going to ban you and delete you but not tell you why.

  • Yes this site is biased to certain questions/ photo images i feel it's not right
    that one girl had picture of her ass/ pussy was up over close to 2 hours nothing done
    oh i made a MyTake it was taken down cause i was told it was asking form and question
    but hell if you look there is more of them MyTake and yes they are asking form and could
    be question.. I think it's judgmental to take down pictures of a mother breast feeding and
    i wish people would stop thinking that breast feeding is deemed inappropriate my cousins
    wife breast feed my little cousin and no one made a big issue out of it i think people need
    stop making something out of it.

  • lol sounds like a jealous mod that has a little too much sand in her vagina to be honest. :)

    I've seen so much worse and actual trolling/flaming be completely ignored by the staff. Someone clearly doesn't like you.

    • Exactly. Fuck em. Got it posted now.

    • Nnoooooo She got banned because of this. ;_; It's the first time I experience the death of someone I'm following. It's quite sad. :'( We were only starting to get to know each other but you seemed like a cool girl. Alas it wasn't meant to be.

      RIP @LastGirlScout

  • Maybe the moderators believe that if they let one nude picture on here then everyone will start uploading them and expect that they won't be deleted. The fact that it was a baby s*cking a breast doesn't change that the photo had a nude breast.

    • It wasn't a nude breast, less was showing than is shown in various other Rate Me or Which Jessica/Emma whatever is hottest. It was the pathetic excuse that annoyed me, if it was an indecent image then say that, don't tell me it was nonesense and had no question when it clearly did.

    • well, I don't know. Have you asked them or talked to one moderator?

    • They gave me their response, strange because this is almost the exact same question but has been allowed to stay up. There just needs to be one clear set of rules, not some guidelines mods are free to interpret how they will and remove questions because they don't like them.

  • Does it honestly shock you that a website like this has crappy censorship at best?

    • i was shocked by the piss poor attempt to justify it. Their response was so pathetic it did wind me up a bit. Don't pretend it's nonesense or trolling, be honest about why you're too prudish to allow it.

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    • Well where they hire from is not a big an issue as to who they hire. This being a predominantly English speaking site I have no problem if the moderator pool is only hired out of the US. My problem is the people they are hiring are incompetent and are not able to articulate decisions they make for the website in a professional manner. I would have more respect for a moderator that would flat out say "we banned your post because we deemed it detrimental to our website and what we set out to accomplish" as opposed to "yo home dog we didn't like yo post cuz u a big troll face so yea take that!". Yes obviously the first response i just wrote is so vague that it is ridiculous but at least they kept it professional. Now grant it the second response I wrote is greatly exaggerated but when I see someone use contemporary language in a professional context that's basically how I see that person.

    • I'm not the only person that they have used those words with either.

  • When any website is new the censorship is liberal. but when site started making money their attitude change. They dont mind if one or hundred people left their site or give negative review.

  • Is gag ran by gooback?

    i wouldn't be surprised

  • .. jaysus - at the very least that is a pretty insulting response


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  • Biggest reason I am seldom on this site any longer is due to situations such as yours. You have certainly hit the nail directly on the head as you describe those that determine what posts stay and what posts are removed. With this new format I am not even sure if you can determine which of the worms are the mods any longer. Don't expect any better from the trolls who actually run this site.

  • You are so right
    No I really don't think its fair because sometimes I want to post non sense

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