Pick a selection of gagers that could star in a movie?

Lol, pick, think of a movie name and a genre. Let's see whos the most creative.

Thesrbare the gagers that came to mind

  • klaatu, chocolateismylover, wolfinfraulien, mythology, commiedearest,
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  • yadda, paris, error_204, hans55 galaxyhotchoc, satanclaus, blondfrog, bertfranklin
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  • redthread, justbanANNAz, mesonfield, kangy, kambotricky, lovestvdx
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Mention any others I've missed out


Most Helpful Guy

  • I vote for @Mesonfielde
    He should be in some romantic comic
    called A Tale of Two Mice.

    Then.. @Commiedearest
    could be in a horror movie
    called The spoon, and All It's Wonders.

    And just because @Error_204 doesn't like
    recognition, he'll be in a documentary, talking
    about the greatest moments of his life. ^.^


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  • Myself and @Nothing_ Should star in a comedy !

    I can't think of a title but I know it would be full of jokes :D