Mention a user you feel hardly ever gets mentioned in questions?

So i thought a question should be made for the users that you feel hardly ever get mentioned. You may have seen them around constantly giving good advice or you find them amusing or what, but for some reason people never or hardly ever mention them in a lot of those questions that asks you to mention someone.

Everyone likes a good underdog right? well who are the underdogs of GAG?

So i've thought about it, but ill mention @Kiwedin who seems to be very understanding and has her heart in the right place from the answers and questions i've seen of her
another shout out to @bunnahies you're hilarious and unique lol, love joking around with you!


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  • My man (can't mention him) I loves him :))) he makes me laugh and smile and brightens up my life <3 Can't imagine my life without him!
    @nert73 and @iwrestledamooseonce are both like younger sisters to me. they are always there for me and support me. They are both brutally honest but awesome and great friends to have! Honesty is always a great quality :D they also make me laugh lol
    @dragonwolf is the same age as me and she is like a sister as well. She's been through some tuff stuff but she's strong and always there for me :)

    • @pauperprince is a great friend too :) he's supportive and funny and he'll always be there for you as well!

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    • Listen to this!!! This makes me smile! YOU make me smile. ^_^

    • haha thank you! I am glad to make everyone smile :D

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