Messaging on this website is broken?

I miss the days when we had meebo and everybody kept in touch. Even a longer while back (most of the under 18 members were toddlers) we had a public chat and it was loads of fun. Sigh. Anyway, how do I use the current messaging service/page? I need to keep refreshing it to receive often delayed messages.
Is this how it works? I'm on Safari.

The messaging page seems to be worker better now, I restarted my browser after having had 400+ tabs open at the same time. That probably screwed things up, who knows!


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  • I don't have to refresh but then again I'm not using no safari. If I'm on my phone I use Naked Browser Pro (pro only cause I like the free app and figured I should support the dev who is very cool regarding the permissions and minimalism) -

    On the computer I can use Sandcat, TOR browser, firefox or chrome.

    I don't have delays in receiving it. Try a different browser and also is it just this site or is your isp screwing you?

    Although I will say Google took a good product in meebo and absorbed it into the trash that is Google+, should have left meebo alone or at least kept it up as it was and still do whatever to Google+ at least meebo would have stayed on sites lol. And live chat should be brought back.

    • Totally agree! Many hipsters are actually sharing things on their google+ profiles lmao, they're like a small, cozy community reminiscent of the French Minitel :p
      And I've never heard of that naked browser, sounds weird tbh. Is it built on the Chrome engine? And the last time Sandcat was updated is last May! :( As for the messaging problem on here, I think it's fine now that I've restarted the browser, I hope it doesn't break again.

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  • Bring back Live Chat! :(

    • you know i got active here after that was taken down. it sounds like it would be fun!

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    • Yeah. GAG once made a thread where they asked people to nominate someone to be a mod, a "People's Choice" mod, and I was chosen.

      I'm not anymore because I left the site for a long time. You're supposed to delete so many questions/comments per month to maintain mod status.

    • Oh wow! Yeah I can recall it was such a mess. There aren't that many comments being removed these days though.

  • I'm on Google on my phone
    It works fine
    But it's shitty and slow

    • Do you mean Chrome? I hate chrome :o

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    • How is it unsafe

    • It can allow plugins, cookies or scripts to smuggle your data back to malicious parties, maybe. Safari is almost perfect on iOS in my opinion.

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  • Normally messages come in automatically. If you're online feel free to message me for a "test chat session"!

  • What is this "Meebo"?

  • If messaging is down that'll give the girls some respite from the dick pics.

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