Why is there a green WhatsApp icon under each question of the mobile GAG version?

What is it for because I don't see it when I use the GAG's desktop version? And when I click on the green icon, it links me directly to my contacts on WhatsApp and so now I have to make my GAG profile private just in case :(
Thank you for your answers.

Hello, anybody there? . Nobody is answering :(


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  • This is most likely the way the App behaves on your phone
    i had many phones they did the same almost exact thing
    as you said that. You know GaG has made updates on here
    within the last month or so it's going be different i notice the
    updates on my end been here a month ago so that's what
    your getting on your end.

    • Thanks. So what can I do to protect my privacy other than making my profile private?

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    • Tor gives you other IP number but i was going on
      some sites i guess that could been it too?

    • Thank you for Most Helpful Opinion :-))) xoxox

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  • If you want to share it with your WhatsApp contacts.