Mentally rules me out because of age, but still flirts and acts in love?

So, he was showing consistent signs of interest, but then he found out I was 7 years older than him. He looked shocked, but his behavior toward me didn't really change, but he never asked me out or anything like that... So, I decided to give it a try and ask him to lunch, but he declined. Yet, he still acts like he is attracted to me...

He seems to have mentally ruled me out, but not emotionally...

Is there anyway to gently persuade him to give me second chance or am I kidding myself?


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  • You shouldn't need to "persuade him to give you a second chance", I mean, you haven't really done anything wrong lol. You can't help your age. He either will accept it this fact as just another aspect to you and pursue a relationship with you (if he likes you), or decide "She's too old for me and it's not worth it."

    Best thing to do is just ask him. If he is still showing an interest in a romantic relationship with you, then ask him if your age is going to be an issue. If he seems hesitant in his answer or says that he can't get over the age difference, it's best to just end the hope of a partnership between you.

    It takes two in a relationship, so don't spend your time getting involved with someone who isn't just as committed as you. Try not to take offense what's happening. If it doesn't work out, it wasn't meant to be and you will find someone who can love and appreciate you as you. Good luck!


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  • He may be scared/nervous. Get him in a casual social setting and ask him if he thinks you are attractive. You'll have more to go on then.

    • Hmm... interesting. Would you be nervous about pursuing a woman who was seven years older than you?

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    • Lol, thanks! May I ask, how young were you when you first dated an older woman?

    • I was 22 when I dated my first older woman. She was 40 at the time.

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