Has anyone noticed a liberal hypocrisy with Girlsaskguys moderation removal?

Certain hatred inciting questions are allowed whereas a certain have a very strict enforcement.

I noticed this with religious questions especially. There's definitely an acceptability to a certain audience.

For example with Christianity. You can post questions all day calling priests pedophiles, or how stupid Christians till the cows come home but ultimately won't raise ab eyebrow with moderation.

Then. .. you can post a question about terrorism, and Muslims or anything deemed offensive and it'll be taken down before you can say surprise.

It wouldn't bother me if certain questions are removed but the fact that they're not consistent is a bit unprofessional


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  • I have noticed the same thing. It's fine for the female trolls and their white knight mangina sycophants on this site to accuse any guy of wearing a fedora and incessantly flame the shit out of him. And if he's a white guy or Indian guy with traditional values oh my God he must be the devil! If he's Christian he's probably Hitler reincarnate! The only thing worse than being a straight white male who is Christian is being a straight white male who is Christian and a Republican. But say anything remotely negative about women or gays or atheists and it gets taken down in about five minutes. I also find it deeply hypocritical that these "tolerant" people like to pick on Indian men for having their own culture and traditional values then turn around and kiss the asses of Muslims who are literally chopping our heads off for not believing in Allah.


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  • I agreed with u. Lack of consistency.
    Is there any internal guideline for mod to hide or remove posts?

    • They've definitely seemed to enforce this clear distinction progressively more rather than trying to be more consistent which tells me that it just seems to be getting a lot more inconsistent

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    • I was a mod and when I was I was consisten with reports.

      The inconsistencies would be excusable if they didn't always see the posts. But when they're reported, they'll definitely see it

    • I never feel it is good to be mod so tough. Now I grow numb to it.
      just don't like the inconsistencies, biases

  • Fair, considering there is a lot of Islamic bashing here :)

    • What counts as Islamic bashing and what counts as other religions bashing to you? I hardly see Islam mentioned but if it is, it's pretty protected

    • Islamic topics are often talked about here

  • I actually disagree , People are attack more on religion which is crazy.


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  • Oh this poorly run unheard of site is unprofessional? Could've fooled me lol

  • Of course mods are biased. They are human beings. We are all biased. They are given the guidelines to remove comments and makes judgement call. All really for free. I don't see rampant abuse by the mods, and frankly it doesn't bother me if something I type is removed. It doesn't affect me at all.

    • "if something I type is removed. It doesn't affect me at all."

      Actually it affects your ability to express your thoughts and opinions, which is a violation of the rights that your forefathers fought and died for. You are pissing all over your legacy of your ancestors. This is why white people get fucked in the ass, they don't stand up for themselves.

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    • We're the ones providing content. But I'm not even going to argue with you. Sometimes you actually post things I agree with, but then you do shit like this that make you seem like a complete push-over. If we were in school I'd be tempted to try and take your lunch money.

    • sure you would.

  • Oh definitely. It's very clear that some of the mods have biases.

  • Well many priests do like little boys but I do think we should allow a little terrorism here from time to time. Why not mix things up a bit.

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