GAGers how do you feature a question?

I have looked and looked unsuccessfuly and I would really like to have this 1 question featured...


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  • To feature a question you'll need to redeem 750 Xper points.
    Make sure you've already asked the question - you can't feature it at the same time you write/post it.

    Simply send a message to the Admins to let them know that you'd like to feature one of your questions, and be sure to include the link to the question you have in mind.
    Go here and choose Redeem Xper:
    Or you can go to your My Xper page, and redeem from there.

    There's a queue for featured question requests, so chances are it won't be featured immediately (featured questions stay up for 24 hours), but it'll get its turn!

    Check out the FAQ if you have anymore questions:


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