Should girlsaskguys. com raise the value of the xper rewords?

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  • no they shoud'nt
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  • gift cards up to $100
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  • time for question 48 hours
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  • gag t-shirt into the plus sizes
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  • all of the above.
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What Girls Said 3

  • Sure many users would like that but that wouldn't benefit the company in any way. GirlsAskGuys is continuously growing, with as many users as it has now, it wouldn't be logical from a business standpoint to be giving away more money and have feature questions for 48 hours (that would increase the wait time even more than it already is).

    • it probably would. I still would think it would help us do better with the rewards and hope to improve the site.

  • Yes! Absolutely they should

  • That would be awesome!

    • it would be. amazon and tgi Fridays would not be able to get all the charges off that gift card. there are some bigger people on this site, so gag t-shirts should go into the plus sizes. I think the question you ask for 750xper should be out for 2 days.

What Guys Said 3

  • yes of course!!!

    but i doubt GAG admins would like it

    • me 2. they probably would not

  • Sure, but don't count on it. Xper pts for the amazon gift card used to me 3000, but they pushed it up to 4000 and now 5000, i don't think they'll be decreasing that number at all.

    • Yup, I remember the first time I cashed in for an amazon gift card it definitely wasn't 5000.

    • I did not know that. your probably 100%right

  • I wish I could give my points away to someone who gives a shit

    • I don't give 2 shits, I try stuff to see what its like.

    • While you can't give your Xper away, I believe you can request that the rewards you redeem be sent to another user you have in mind.

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