What's the probability of GaG admins or any other heirachy exposing anonymous users? Also, since some are friends in real life with other users?

Is gossip alive and well among these people?

  • I'm an "employee" of the site and I gossip.
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  • I'm not an "employee" of the site and I don't.
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  • Other.
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  • I'm an "employee" and friends in real life with some users.
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  • I'm a regular user who is friends with an "employee".
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  • if you're worried about your cow-fucking fetish being exposed, don't ask questions about it on here.


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  • The revealing of users using the anonmyous feature to post opinions, comments, Takes and the like will probably never happen. It is there to allow people to share their thoughts, corcerns and/or views without criticism. If the individual has chosen to use the feature and have posted a valid statement their reasoning is their own and to be respected. In cirumstances where the feature is abused it is removed once found.

  • Only admins can see who the authors of anonymous posts are, and they will not reveal those people's identities.

  • Actually only admins are employees right? I voted wrong :(

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