Should opinions posted on a question where MHO is already selected count to you 'Most Helpful' percentage?

A very minor thing I know but it doesn't seem right that if you post an opinion on a question that's already got an MHO selected it gets counted as a 'not most helpful' opinion when calculating that score. Would it not be better to not include those in the score at all, making that score a percentage of only the opinions that had any chance of being picked as 'Most Helpful' by the asker, rather than including those that never had a chance because they were added after the fact.

It doesn't discourage me from posting an opinion on an MHO selected question if I feel I have something to add, just think it would be a better way to calculate that score.


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  • That's just one of many cases where posting screws up one's "Most Helpful' percentage. While I agree that that is one of the few of them that could be easily addressed by the site, it just doesn't seem worth it. It would seem a majority of answers seem to be submitted before the MHO is chosen, and those that are submitted after still might have been started before it was in many cases.

    To me it seems like the kind of person who really cares about their MH percent wouldn't even try to answer a question that was already answered to the askers satisfaction.


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  • I understand what you mean, and I agree with you. However I don't care about percentage so it doesn't bother me.


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