Close Topics After MHO, or Allow Us to Change MHO?

Before the site layout was completely changed, if we had already given out the BA (best answer), and later on someone else posted something even better, we could reassign it to the newer better answer.

I think that should still be possible, or they should just close the question, once a MHO is awarded. Maybe resolved questions could have their own section of the site.

  • We should have the option.
  • It's fine like it is now.
  • Other, will discuss in comments.
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Here's another idea: maybe the site should restrict you from being able to choose a MHO for 7 days, just to give more people a chance? I personally wait a day or two before selecting a MHO, unless someone just happens to tell me exactly what I was looking for. But that's usually questions that you normally Google, but then Google doesn't help.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think people need to stop picking mh after like an hour. For the most part questions die down after a few days, so just... wait? I don't have a problem with the system as is.

    • Seriously thought about giving you the MHO just for the heck of it :P But yeah, that is the main problem I have too. People don't take enough time to really evaluate all their options these days. Maybe the site could restrict your ability to choose the MHO for a dew days.

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    • Well that and, I like you. You're blunt and tell it like it is, which I very much respect. Some of your answers have pissed me off, but only because you're not usually wrong, and no one likes being told what they aren't ready to accept ;) I've personally give you a few MHO/BA.

    • Wow. Thanks :)

What Guys Said 4

  • People just allow more time to pass before choosing MHO.

  • Shame on you if you want to change MHO and hurt -people who got it- feelings

    • LOL ain't about the feels man, it's about giving recognition to whomever has more wisdom to offer. If they get butt hurt over someone else being more worldly, or having more smarts, then obviously they have more growing to do in other areas.

    • Yes, but even if someone gives a better opinion after MHO, you can't wait and then change it. If you feel that way, it's better to not choose a best answer for a week or more so that many opinions will be given

  • Close Topics After MHO - Yes
    Change MHO - No
    There should also be an option to change the question and opinion/comment, due to possible typographical errors.

  • Closing the question after MHO would only stop people from giving their opinion it doesn't seem to offer any benefits! If someone really wants to add something and doesn't care that it might not be seen by the asker or in the running for bonus 'points', why not let them add it?

    Allowing the MHO to be changed would cause confusion - people would see their stats go down, the asker could just flippantly change their minds, or even reassign the MHO if they decide that they don't like something the poster says later regardless of how helpful the answer was.

    • People do that? Take away a MHO from an old question to hurt stats if someone pisses them off later? Damn that's petty. But yeah, I don't care about the points. Honestly I don't even like the MHO system, because I keep getting annoying alerts to pick a MHO when I got like 2 answers and neither helped at all.

    • Well they don't right now, they can't ;)

What Girls Said 5

  • I think it's fine the way it is now. People should just take more time before they select a MHO to be sure it's the right one. On the old site, some people would change the BA like three or four times which is just ridiculous because then those people who were selected lose the extra points they had.

  • Changing MHOs sounds like it'd cause confusions, with Xpers and levels. About closing the question, I think if someone has a better advice to give, the asker should be able to see it. Yeah there is a rewarding system on GaG but I'm here to talk to people and give advices, so I'd want to help out even if I couldn't get the extra points.
    Overall, I think it is fine the way it is, when the asker is objective and patient.

  • I guess it's fine Now but it's kind of annoying when people choose most helpful after like 7 minutes

  • This has been discussed before. That's just abusing the point calculating system.

    • I don't even care about the point, so I didn't think of this. That's a good point.

  • Don't choose MH so prematurely. Give it a long time. Of course the question pops up back in the feed when you award the MHO so it will always come back into the public light. If you want to avoid getting a more helpful answer once you have got a lot in and the question dies then update it. Then once you have had a lot of answers choose your MHO and unlink the question from your profile. You won't get notified about new posts so will be blissfully unaware of any further answers and then perhaps you will be able to sleep at night.

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