GaG, can you classify questions by the age of questioners?

Can GAG allow us to view questions by age? Frankly, I'd like to hear frm women closer to my age group. With due respect to the youngsters (and this is not meant to offend them in any way), sometimes I would like to hear the views of more mature women, to understand how THEY think.

Earlier this was a feature GAG provided. Kindly restart.


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  • Hey Ancient GAGer (not to offend you in any way) but it you go on GAG via smartphone (maybe computer), first click on "Question" and then "Filter", it will then show "Age", where you are free to choose which age group's questions you want to answer.

    Unfortunately, you can't shut kids up (under 18), and we still pop up in every part of GAG.

    i hope this youngster helped.


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  • ... sorry for not being old for ya.


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  • age group appears next to their username. read the opinions coming from them and ignore the rest. so simple.

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