How/when do I get my $50 Amazon gift card?

Thanks again to everyone who up-voted me, and of course to #GaG... but I'm growing impatient :D lol !!

Is it possible to use the $50 gift card on the UK version of Amazon?

Thanks guys!

I sent an email to and they haven't replied.

My little sister's birthday is coming up and I'm really looking forward to getting the card so I can purchase her gift :(


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  • Never... you'll never get it. GAG totally scammed you. :(
    Anyway, you'd think they would have contacted you by now. Weird. If it works like any other gift card, you should be able to choose which version you want to use it on. Perhaps send one of the admins a message?


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  • They should send it to your email so check your email first, also remember to check your spam folder as it might have gotten put in there. If you haven't received it yet, you can contact the admins here:

    • I've checked all parts of my email and sent a message through the link.

    • Okay well if you messaged them, they should get back to you soon.

  • I think its just a delay. They will surely contact you. This contest was a big event on GAG. Why do you think they will go back on their promise?


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