How do I earn Xper by sharing on social profiles?

I've heard that when you share GAG on Facebook, Twitter and G+, you earn 100 Xper points per each share.

Where can I share and earn the points? :p


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  • Sharing questions on either Facebook, Twitter or google+
    will provide you with 20 points, not a 100.

    The 100 point bonus, is granted one time, when
    following GaG on the above mentioned social media
    or connecting your GaG account, with said social media.

    You should be able to find the share buttons on
    all questions. The buttons you're looking for is at the
    bottom of the askers "details" marked with an icon/color
    to let you know, which is which. ^.^


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just search GaG on them and click follow. For FB make sure you leave a comment with your GAG username


What Guys Said 2

  • - Connect Facebook Account +100
    - Connect Google+ Account +100
    - Follow GirlsAskGuys on Facebook +100
    - Follow GirlsAskGuys on Twitter +100
    - Follow GirlsAskGuys on Google+ +100
    - Share Question on Facebook +20
    - Share Question on Twitter +20
    - Share Question on Google+ +20

    After you've shared, send a link of the share to us via Contact - - so that we can verify as give you points as our thank you! :)

  • I thought it was just linking your accounts.