Does anyone respond to GAG's "Recommended Questions?

I mean:
Who is prettier?
What do you do with empty condiment packages?
Who the F puts this kind of crap up?
Can we just delete it somehow?

  • Oh stop, I love those questions.
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  • I'm drunk and high. What was your question?
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  • Yeah when I read the first few, my IQ went down 20%.
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  • I think my parents found this site and are posting.
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  • This site has been hacked by N. Korea.
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  • I think the recommended questions are customized for everyone and the questions are from people we follow. (At least this is the impression I've gotten) so if this is true and you hate the recommended questions it sounds like you have to unfollowing to do!

    • OK, I follow you.

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    • what do you do?

    • I'm just a surgical services assistant.. lol so no schooling required. It's just a job that gets me through university. Haha but I'm in the OR all day and it can be a pretty intensive environment. But obviously you know that since you're going to nursing school!

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  • if i find interesting the question then i will respond

  • This made me laugh so freaking hard !!!

  • "empty condiment packages"? What.


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