Girls, guys, what are your guidelines for people who would like to be and stay your friends on GAG?

The word "friends" can mean various things, from having nice discussions or helping each other out... to having chat sessions and who knows one day meeting each other.

If we don't want to give you and uncomfortable feeling and make you stay away from us:
- What topics should we avoid?
- Do you appreciate a joke?
- Do you like discussions/chats or just "neutral opinions"?
- Do you like people to follow you and answer your questions if they can?
- Do you like a good discussion or chat?


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  • I only have one requirement for being friends with me - you can't disrespect me. Anybody is welcome to add me as a friend.

    • As you know, I won't disrespect you... and if one day I'd say something that is a little delicate, tell me at any time!
      I'm a good listener, who learns from his mistakes.

    • I liked the statement about the need for respect a lot! That's what friendship is all about haha.

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  • I don't really have any "guidelines" other than the fact that I would expect them to be respectful of me (which just means, I don't appreciate guys trying to "sext" or ask me to exchange nudes, I always ignore anyone who sends me things like that). But other than that, I pretty much will talk to anyone who is nice to me or who seems like a genuinely kind person. I like making new friends, but it helps if we have something in common to actually have real discussions and conversations about :)

    • That's nice to hear @xHoneyxBeex :-)
      No nude questions from me, that's promised. I respect you and like you for who you are: nice person having respect for all. Looking forward to a chat when the opportunity is there!

    • Aww thank you! You have always been very kind to me so the respect is mutual, of course. And yes! I look forward to it as well :)

    • Great to hear :-)
      Whenever we find ourselves a nice topic for a chat we'll go for it!

  • Don't ask me for nudes or ask me sexual questions. I've heard them all before, you don't need to know. Watch some p*rn if you're horny, don't message me.
    I like original conversations, not your typical "hi how are you". I'm not going to tell you if I'm feeling shit and burden you with some boring incident in my life, the answer will always be "I'm fine". I like some intelligent conversation. Nothing about religion.
    Non sexual, non sexist jokes are fine.
    Don't expect me to answer you every minute of the day and don't get angry if I don't talk for like a week. It doesn't mean I don't like you, I just have a life. I'm like it with everyone.
    Be kind, polite, considerate and friendly.
    They must be active on the site so I can see what they post to get more of an idea of who they are and what they believe in. Furthermore, they must have some knowledge of my posts and what I stand for before they message me.

    But apart from that, I'm not picky.

    • Haha, that's a very clear statement. I agree with you.
      The sentence about "you have to be active on the site" makes me think about the people abusing GAG for dating purposes :-(
      You don't see questions but geen PM's asking to mail them. Hum hum.
      Nice to meet you Hannah. We've had kind discussions already and we'll have some more for sure. Respectful greetz to the UK!

  • They cannot lie to me about their age, name, country of residence or city. Because i based on this to know whether a person is sincere in making friends, if they can lie about those information then they are not sincere. no sincerity cannot be friends.

    topics to avoid- i dont like people attacking my race
    i appreciate joke as long as it is not at expense of others
    discussions are fine

    • That's very useful info Kangy. Will take all that into account.
      And anything you like to know about me, just ask. Let's say via PM, not the entire world needs to know exactly where I live (you never know what burglers are around ooooooops)...
      Attacking any race is something I'd never do. It's stupid and makes everyone unhappy. The attacker included!
      Really happy I learnt to know you on here. Looking forward to the "chats to come" :-) :-)

What Guys Said 2

  • 1. Avoid talking about adventurous hobbies. I don't care, I'm a home body. Everything else is fair, because I look forward to learning about new topics. Except skydiving and horseback riding.
    2. Tell all the jokes in the world. I could go on all night and never once be serious.
    3. I like conversations, but I hate conversation stoppers. IE: "You have to RESPECT my beliefs about the nature of the universe. My beliefs won't change no matter how much logic disproves me"
    4. You don't have to follow me. Just be there if I need you, and I'll be there if you need me.
    5. A good discussion trumps a chat. I don't see the point in concealed chatter. Unless we're conspiring.

    • I like your point of view! Especially 3 can be very annoying... happened a few times.

    • A few times, lol. You're mincing your words.

    • Well, if the opportunity is there I'll answer your questions and if we like it the interaction can start.
      I don't have inspiration for a joke right now... but inspiration will come. For sure.

  • Does rule of gag don't make friends on gag lol jkjk

    • Reality say: if you regularly talk to the same people and help them out, you automatically make friends.
      What you should not do, is blindly trust people and assume the nicest person is also the most correct person.
      But I also don't assume everyone is bad and I'm going to avoid enjoying good interactions. And if one or another person was a catfish... we'll handle that with humour. Like an Austrian "friend" with "nuts and bumps questions" :-)

    • I personally just give advise I have enough fiends I don't hang out enough in the real world lol