Whats "share your take" ?

Sorry i'm new to this. So there's an "ask" to ask questions. Like I'm doing rn. and there's "my take" with a light bulb. Whats that? Cause I don't know what its used for... Sorry for being a rookie on this...

Or while typing this i noticed
That there's

Boxes with

Ask this anonymously

Don't allow anonymously users


Include a poll with this question

Whats the last one do?
Sorry for being a mom Cx


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  • Share your take, is just a topic that you want to talk about.. for example the topic being "why girls ignore a guy" or whatever and then you explain why.. the other one, include a poll, is just if you want to put a choice for people to choose, for example, title being "what's your favorite season" and then you put the poll, summer, spring, winter, fall and the people choose an answer


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