What does a promoted take mean?

I just was looking through the takes and I'm thinking of posting one, but I want to know what the promoted means. Is it just like having it featured, but it costs less and has less exposure?


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  • Promoted myTakes are featured myTakes that we found to be really inspiring or helpful, full of information that we want more G@Gers to learn from! You can earn 100 Xper points if you submit a promoted myTake!

    myTakes are marked with a gray lightbulb.
    Promoted myTakes are marked with a blue (guy) or pink (girl) lightbulb.

    For more information on promoted myTakes, check out our myTake, www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a6807-what-s-your-take-faqs-more


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  • It's special take... I think lol


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