Do you agree with my view that GAG offer 2 factor authentication for accounts?

I just read a take by u/hannah591 where the sharing of passwords, specifically why they shouldn't be shared, was discussed.

I agree with her statements and I also feel that not only should passwords not be shared but 2 factor authentication should be added to the site.

Basically what this would do is you log in like usual but once you put your password in instead of being immediately logged in it asks you for a code that is good for about a minute. This can be either via sms to your phone, via an app that loads a code on timer when you open it, via keychain addition (I would never opt for this but I've seen people do so) etc.

If you don't enter the code before it expires it won't let you log in. This is basically an added security feature wherein to access the account you not only need to know the email and password but you must also have a device that receives the auth code on you. If someone tries to access your account without your permission it is much harder since they not only need the something you know but also the something you have.

What are your thoughts on this? Agree or disagree?

Update: Sorry, u/ was reddit look. Should have said @hannah591
Also, sorry for forgetting to include a poll lol


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  • Is this where I'm supposed to enter my nuclear launch codes?


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  • This wouldn't be a problem if you don't give your password out in the first place. If they do know, just change your password. It would take more than a minute to receive the text and it'd be a pain to do each time. I also am logged into everything all the time so it's pointless, my laptop is password protected. I don't think this would benefit anyone, just keep passwords secret like they're meant to be.

    • Good point but I was also thinking of those who had a keylogger on their machine and didn't know it or their email got hacked. Ah well I still agree never give out passwords to anyone.

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  • That would be to protect all the sensitive banking information and spending ability that account access here provides?

    • Nah, it's just an added security feature. People use it for WoW, it's not a sensitive banking info thing there (unless you count your character's bank account as this).

      I just figure that all sites should have the feature enabled but I guess it's not a popular view. Ah well

    • If someone logs in with your WoW account they actually could steal virtual items that have real life value etc.

      In any case the best way to get added security here is not to share with anyone the email address you login as.

  • Complicated!

    • Lol wait what?

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    • G@g is a discussing site, not a secret service or banking facility.

    • Lol well people use it for WoW even and that's not exactly some banking site, ah well I guess my view that all sites should use it isn't popular haha

  • Maybe when GaG admins stop peeking at our passwords and delete accounts which contain similar ones lel

  • Wouldn't that make it harder for me to create multiple fake accounts?

  • That is a facility that certain DoD and military affiliated organisations do not hold. Aside from the fact that it is likely to be costly it is over complicated and proves difficult (I know from person experience). It is a good system no doubt but only use that if you have something to hide of National Security or things like PII and the like

    • Lol I would hope DoD uses that type of stuff and even more. I guess I forgot about the costs lol