How to cash in Xper?

I’m feeling really nerdy and I’d love to splurge on some books : ) How can I cash in my Xper points? I’ve never done it before, please help me out


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  • Our FAQ is full of information like this.

    There are two ways you can do it:

    - Click Contact (found at the bottom of every GirlsAskGuys page).
    Select Redeem Xper from the Regarding drop down menu.
    Follow the instructions there for your specific request and BAM... you'll get a response within 72 hours!

    - Or you can go to your profile page, click My Xper from the left menu, then click Redeem Points, and follow the instructions.

    Remember, redeeming Xper points only affects your Redeemable total, not your Total Xper Points or your Xper Level.

    Featuring Question = 750 Xper points
    G@G T-shirt = 1000 Xper points
    $10 TGI Friday's Giftcard = 2500 Xper points
    RAVEN Donation = $15/3500 Xper points, $30/7000 Xper points
    $20 Amazon Giftcard = 5000 Xper points


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  • Profile>My Xper>Redeem Points.


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  • Go to your profile, scroll down to the "My Xper" tab, and then click redeem points. You have to make sure you have enough points to even buy anything though.

  • Click on your points then redeem them.

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