Should GAG allow questions and opinions to be reported?

Just wondering if you think questions and opinions should be allowed to get reported and taken off.

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  • Absolutely. There are a lot of disgusting and offensive posts that pop up here which should be reported and removed promptly. Anything that is not in line with the site's posting guidelines should be reported.


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What Guys Said 3

  • reporting is a good feature but GaG seems to be a hit or miss with reporting. sometimes they are spot on at deleting a post and then sometimes pronz gifs stay up for hours for minors to see.

  • Not only GaG, but every kind of website like this should.

  • Are you asking if the current system should be maintained, or suggesting a change?

    • I personally like that you can report if someone is offensive, but I was curious to see if everyone else thought so as well. I didn't want to say my opinion on the matter so it wouldn't influence any biased results.

    • It's necessary, isn't it? Then it's up to someone else to decide whether to take action or not.

    • Yes I really think it is necessary, some people just get on websites to be rude and inconsiderate. If someone is going to be mean then their post should just not be on here at all! Along with all the cyber bullying that has risen a great deal. I wish more sites took the report button as seriously as GAG.

What Girls Said 4

  • Yes, the report system is good. Mods can't be everywhere to see things and hide posts, so reporting things notifies the admins so posts that break the rules can be taken down.

  • Yes it should along with every website. The Internet allows anonymity and people think they can say whatever they want to others with no repercussions. Sites like ask. fm have been linked to suicides of girls as young as 13 because of the abuse dished out on them. Every site should have a report button

    • Ask. fm is terrible with bullying! I'm not important enough to ever get asked any questions but I've read some people's questions and some are just down right innapropriate! Did you ever read this article on this celebrity who said that she would stand still for like 6 hours and anyone could come up to her and do whatever they wanted without getting blamed? People ended up stabbing her with sticks and throwing stuff at her, but as soon as the timer went off for it being 6 hours or however long it was, they ran. these were people she had done nothing to and they did stuff just because they could. It scares me about the type of people we have in the world!

    • Was never on it so I can't comment. As for the celebrity I didn't hear about that either it's the kind of news I avoid. But why did she do it? Some stupid publicity stunt? I don't understand "celebrities" who do stupid shit to get in the papers and then complain about it afterwards

    • I actually have no clue who she was but I think she was famous for traveling trying to give relief to people and getting to know people. I think it said she did it to see what would happen.

  • It depends.
    There may be legal ramifications for racial and sexual slurs.
    Also some people make actual threats.
    GAG has some responsibility I think.
    I have never reported any post directed toward.
    I feel as if I can, and am, willing to take on any GAGGER.
    Call it literal Karate.

    What I think is weird is how they modify the word p*rno .
    Who's decision is that?

    • I think it's part of things they do to avoid being flagged as an 'adult content' site.

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    • @kheserthorpe oh! That would make sense!

    • Overall I have very few complaints.
      The poll could be modified to a Likert scale with a 0-10 Like or Dislike.
      The up or down poll is almost juvenile.

  • I don't see a problem with the way things currently are.

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