How to get over loneliness and being single?

Me and a guy friend live together and he's gone threw a few women lately
His current girlfriend always calls over he cooks dinner and they watch a movie in bed and sex after
While I live with him and am single ATM and it drives me insane
I think its jealousy but its hard to take when he's banging in the next room
I get really lonely how do I stop it?


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  • well sooner or later your friend would probably ask '"heyyyy man we need to talk for a bit , i think you should move out " and the sadness doesn't stop there , the question is do you want to be alone? do you like being alone? or do you want to be in a relationship? as for me i like being alone and no i dont want relationship , and to be honest seeing your friend with GF its like he is using your gf for showing off plus it will feel uncomfortable for couples to have their "moment " while there is this guy beside them that keeps watching them and even hearing them while being in bed doing " it " , so i dont really know what to advice you , because im not sure if you like even being single a lot of people like to be single yet they dont complain about it , well to get out of the loneliness you need to be more social with your friends and no not the one who has the GF the one that are lonely as you are that you guys can company each other you just need to find something to distract you from thinking about loneliness for lonely people attend to distract themselves from things to not let others remind them how lonely they are because they appreciate their living while when there is this couple that is sticking around all the time they would feel like they are being mocked but not straight forward , just go out and ignore them plus it seems like guys are in a rent place or campus not sure so just go out and enjoy the moment or just play video guys like any other video gamer or be socialize hope this helps good luck ( PS Current girlfriend? really? what happened to the other ones? those who grave for relationship and jump to another would be most likely to be loner than you are , why? because they can not stand the idea of being lonely while you actually learn the appreciation of loneliness hope this helped ) .


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  • You'll learn it's ways and it'll learn about you. After a while you'll become it and it'll become you.

    Or you can throw yourself into the market and start fishing.

  • Easy, go out to the bars, look for older women temporarily, get them a drink of you will, chat and take them back to their place. Have fun ;)
    Then have fun with her more and repeat process with other women. Younger women work too.

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