Going out to whoever runs this?

Why does this site not have an app? it would be so much easier to get on here from one click.

@Tolga why no android app?


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  • iOS app, as @jbunch points out in so many words, not great to say the least, we are going to launch a brand new app which will be replacing the one on iOS and also be in google play as well.

    • Don't get me wrong, nicely designed just not nearly as many features as you get from visiting the actual website

      Any idea when you will be launching the new app?

    • i was still waiting two years sir

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  • I thought there was an app?
    "GirlsAskGuys Apple IOS app is available now, we're currently working on updating and making it even better!
    Android app will also be coming soon!
    In the meantime, there is a mobile version of GirlsAskGuys to make life easier!"


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