When people mention @asker?

I see a lot of people on this use the mention feature to refer to the user asking the question as @asker. How many of you realize that this is actually showing as a female user and doesn't notify the actual user asking the question?

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  • that poor @asker girl must have 10000 notifications... if one day becomes active again she'll freak out

    • That was my thought lol

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    • I had srsly considered making my username srsIy (that's not an L it's a capital i) That was before mentions.

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  • Of course, most people know that. Saying "@asker" isn't meant to actually notify the QA because the QA is automatically notified of all new comments. It's simply meant to direct a comment at the asker when engaging in a conversation in which more than one user may be involved. Also, the actual user who is called "asker" is no longer active so she is not receiving any of these notifications anyway.

    • Yeah I know they are no longer active but I was just thinking if she did come back that would get quite annoying.

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    • I wasn't sure how that worked. Awesome thanks :)

    • No problem :)

  • This has already been said/asked ok.

    • Pretty much every question on this has been asked before.

    • *on this site

  • Yeah i know, so im trying not to use it, but now and then when you are talking to more people in one message, it will be easier to say at asker, so they know that part is meant for him/her. Besides, the user called asker is inactive, so can't see all the mentions she gets.

  • This isn't new for me, that's why I don't use the mention feature under these circumstances.

  • It doesn't matter cause the asker is notified anyway since it's his question, it's just a way to refer to him when talking to more than one person. Doesn't everything show up pink in comments anyway, except when referring to a male user? I think.

    • The girls show up in pink and the boys in blue

    • I know that, but when people put up links, I think they have always shown up in pink, which is weird. Anyway, I didn't know there was actually a user named "asker", if I had known, I wouldn't have done it. Lol No wonder she she doesn't use that account anymore!

    • Lol I know right :)

  • I never do that, but i didn't know that. So there is a gag member with the username " asker" ?

    • Yeah there is. She doesn't show to be active anymore but I figured when people commented on something thinking that there mention would put a notification on the asker as well as showing as a new comment but it doesn't.

    • I have noticed people doing that on my questions, and never new why they did that.

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