Why does he act this way?

I have this friend (or we are more like friends with benefits) anyway, he has some serious mood swings. One moment he would be so nice to me and would talk to me the whole time and then the next he'll just be a complete asshole and be rude. I'm not sure why he is doing this? I really like him, but it frustrates me a lot when he is like this. Help please?


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  • Sorry but friends with benefits are meant to be for sex only to even consider a friendship is wrong cause you guys are only using each other... unless you're developing feelings which is totally wrong

    • We were actually friends before anything else, I've known him for years and this friends with benefits thing started very recently but he has acted this way for a long time now.

    • Maybe cause he already had sex with you... he's not interested in friendship anymore guys are a... holes

    • I can't see how he would not want to be friends anymore because we have been for years, and when ever he is planning a get together he'll invite me?