What is going on in his head?

This guy likes me and I like him too but he don't know yet. He is coming after me or should I say he's like a bodyguard who follow me everywhere and he try to hide most of the time. Ok he's stalking me and I like it.
Now he was out for half a month so his friends use to follow me, from a distance. Why did he make them do that?


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  • lol sounds like you have a serious alpha male on your tail
    wow girl
    u r lucky

    • Lol.. sometimes it's creepy. Can you elaborate what's going on in his head.

    • it means he is a guy who is egoistic and wants to ensure that you dont get in trouble
      when he was away he had his friends keep a tab on you so that he can get in the face of those who gave you trouble while he was away

    • Thank you for your time :)

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  • This is v unusuall

  • The last part with his friends is soo so creepy.