Who is most likely to be a boss in a video game and have a health meter on GAG?

You can choose up to 10 people on GAG lol a boss in a video game is something or someone who is difficult to beat and usually has a lot of health bar or health points lol.
so for example pandamonium would have 70,000 health points lol.

In my opinion the final boss would be @sparrow24 since she has the most xper points the other top tens I will list later lol.


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  • @Error_204, obviously.

    • Nice how long would his health meter be or how many health points would he have?

    • Well, if we're using xper points to determine health points thennn 36,296 roughly

    • Oh wow I never even thought have that system :P you just out smarted me congrats :P

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  • Fuckin' @rthomas43

    He dishes out the good stuff left and right, but takes a lot of hits too. We need to feed him magic mushrooms to keep his strength up.

    I am always learning more about the art of manliness from him

    • He is not really scary his beard just scares a lot of men lol

    • He's not that hard to beat. His beard is invulnerable. Just aim anywhere but beard.

    • Yeah you can't knock him out cause you won't be able to find his chin with his long beard aim somewhere else :P

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  • @GirlsAskGuys You can't beat him, and if you do, it gets removed for being "nonsense".

  • @ixi10 has more Xper than everyone basically.

    anyway i'd be the boss of opinions. Now that @Error_204 is inactive, i'm the king of opinions... i post ~150 per day XD XD

  • @arabianpwincess197 the meanest and the grouchiest BAWS that u will ever encounter. A stubborn and persistent one as well who will nvr give up. Scary O_O'

  • @harakiri will take quite some time to take down i'd imagine ;)

    • She has a lot of health points you need to be a high level and strategies to beat her :)

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    • @harakiri You may be weak physically, but mentally you;d probably turn my brain into mush. Thats how you'd win by tricking me to fight you in a game of wits! :p

    • lololol you totally overestimate my mental skillzzzz :p

  • The ones with no lives.

  • Probably err'one on here, y'all got 'nuff bullshit to keep you from dying! Just before you're beaten the console would crash!