How do I upload pics of myself like multiples is that possible?

im new here and haven't really gotten the hang of things


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  • Whatever you use for your avatar is the only picture you can upload. You can always post links to other pictures of yourself if you want, but otherwise there's nowhere else to upload images.

    • so ow would i go about that i feel it very awkward that most have only one picture of themselves or is it just me

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    • oh your so right i feel dumb

    • Don't be silly. We actually used to be able to upload multiple pictures to our profiles a while ago, but they got rid of that feature.

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  • At this time, you can upload one picture to use as your avatar.
    However, there are some exciting profile changes coming soon, stay tuned!

  • uplad pic on pinterest and paste the link in description... You are done with your upload

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