Why would a guy do this? What do you think it means?

What does it mean when a guy walks toward you while he is talking
To you? Say for instance you ask him a question about where a professor is. And he answers you, but instead of just standing there, he walks towards you while talking to you.

The other day I walked into a room to give my homework to a teacher. My crush and a few of his friends were the only ones there. I asked him where the teacher was. He answered me, but when he was answering he started walking towards me, and he went on and on about where the teacher was. What do u think this means?

The thing is, he isn't hard of hearing. And I'm not soft spoken.

And it's not as if he had to leave the room. When I walked in he was super chill looking and when I left he didn't leave the room, so I don't think he was getting u pro leave.
*i meant to say "up to" in the last update.


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  • Maybe he's just more comfortable speaking to people close up instead of yelling across the hall.
    he sounds like he's comfortable around you.


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