If someone's been in GAG since it's beginning (~2007) and posts 100 opinions every day on average how many points would he have now?

Veteran GAGers say that there was a time when an opinion gave you 3 Xper and a MHO gave you 10. Don't know when it was stopped but i;m pretty sure it must've been at least 2 years since it's stopped.

So... if someone's been in GAG since its beginning, posts 100 opinions every day, and has a MHO percentage 5%, how many points would he have now?

Ignore the number of questions... say he never asked any questions here.

  • 500k-600k Xper
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  • 600k-700k Xper
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  • 700k-800k Xper
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  • 800k-900k Xper
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  • 900k - 1 million Xper or more
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Most Helpful Girl

  • The changes to the amount of Xper you earn happened within the past year, sometime after the site was revamped I believe.

    So it really hasn't been too long so let's just go with 3 Xper points per opinion...
    3 Xper x 100 daily opinions x 365 days x 8 years
    We get about 875,000 Xper.

    And that's not including additional MHO points, but I'm way too lazy / sleepy for that u_u

    • are you sure? i remember in 2013 wasn't giving you 3 Xper/per opinion... anyway i didn't look at the points so much then... perhaps you're right.

      including MHO it must be around 1 million i guess

    • Yep I'm almost positive!
      Time sure flies by on G@G but I could swear the change happened mid-2014-ish.

      And that's so much Xper... to sit here and answer 100 unique questions every single day, my goodness...

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What Girls Said 2

  • So 365*8 is 2,920, then you'd times that by 300 (I think lol?) to get 876,000 then maybe add 146,000 (all time most helpful points) to give you 1,022,000.
    I think.

  • Where is my calculator...


What Guys Said 1

  • Damn that's a lot. I'm not good with numbers, so I'll just guess. :P
    I pick C!