How many people do you think actually listen to the advice they are give on this website?

A lot of people on this website ask for help on a lot of different topics. Overall how many people do you think actually listen to the advice given? On a side note how many of you think that they already have their minds made up but they want to use this website to see if people agree with their decided course of action?

  • 1-25% of people listen to advice given
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  • About 50% of the people listen to advice given
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  • 75-100% listen to advice given
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  • Vote here if you then most people will generally do what they wanted to do before the advice was given but just use this website as a way to affirm their actions
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  • Bro I just wanna see them results
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  • I believe most people already know the answer to the questions they are asking and some are really hoping that people will tell them the answer that they wish to be the case. I doubt most people would listen to the advice especially if it's not what they wanted to hear and will just hope for a best case scenario.

    • I feel like that is generally correct but I hope some people do take some of the better advice to heart because some of these situations you read on here are pretty intense and the person in the situation seems to lack common sense

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    • I agree with a lot of questions people just want their opinion validated, sometimes you can tell people really do want/need advice and its nice when they update you and tell you that they used it!

    • Yea people in the website have serious issues with staring and a deeper meaning behind someone just staring lol

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  • I think everyone here who gets advice will keep it at the back of their mind, at the very least. Depending on how situations play out in addition to their own conscience, the advice could be followed or they'd end up doing something completely different.

    I guess the minority will actually go through with advice tho. I think that as long as they have opened themselves up to other options by asking, their mind could be swayed, even if it is by a random on the net :)

  • Around 25% or less.

  • I think it's about 50% between people who genuinely want advice and those who just want their opinion reinforced.
    When I ask a serious question (rarely) I genuinely want to hear what people think.

    • I agree with you in the sense I know for a fact some people are seriously asking for advice that they would seriously consider I just think the percent of serious questions would be a little lower than 50%

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    • @kain7th, sometimes I'm blown away. I don't know how you do it!

    • Well you been here long enough, you know what kinds of questions keep getting asked for, so i try to go for unique questions no one or hardly anyone's asked before. :D

  • It depends. There are a couple different types of people. There are those who just want to start a fight/argue and don't really want other opinions. Then there are those who post to entertain people like polls on what they like. Then there are those with genuine questions who really want people's opinions and need help. Then there are pervs who ask questions that they can jack off to. But I think most people post just to affirm their own opinion. I see these types of people looking for a certain type of answer, basically one that agrees with their own.

    • I love agreeing with my opinions so I can see the allure to that

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    • I would go with 25% of people actually listen to advice given. A lot of people are going to do what they are going to do regardless of what anyone on this website says. However I feel like some people actually do take what some of the reasonable advice into consideration when making their decision. Even if they end up not following the advice given I still think that 25% gives it serious thought

    • Yeah I would agree with you.

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