Why Does GaG Only List Girls or Guys Behaviour? Why No Human Behaviour?

Not everything is split between the gender line.


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  • I agree. Awhile back the category was just Behaviour. Not sure y they keep changing things up so many times... Sometimes less is more.

    • Exactly, a broad all encompassing category for human behaviour has its place.

    • yeah, some of the topics could easily be replaced with better ones tbh.

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  • Why? Hummm very simple!! GirlsAskGuys!!; the website... And it makes it more simple girls behavior is different the guys behavior... If its human behavior no one would know if they are talking about girl/guys behavior!! Get me?

    • No, I don't. Though behaviours may present themselves more commonly to one gender or the other, there aren't exclusive. Too many question ask why guys/girls do such and such and a highly (though regularly not MOH or highest) rated opinion goes is more or less words "girls/guys do that do." So why can't I ask I question the affects both genders and isn't exclusive to romantic, familial, and/or social relations? Yes it is broad, but covers the gaps thats there.

  • I think it's just a play on the websites name.


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  • I'd assume that it's because labelling them with specific genders, will allow
    the opinion posters, to ascertain the aim, of the askers question.

    Also, for human behavior in general, there're Family&Friends
    Marriage&Weddings Relationships and Social relationships.

    So the reason, according to me, is that it's
    easier for the poster. ^.^

    • Well, not to me.

    • Sure, but behavioural tendencies don't exclude themselves to either social, familial, or romantic relations.

      (Though I hope there's not any connections between familial and romantic but considering what I know nothing is really off limits.)

  • Because we are all aliens *hands up human*...