Why is every take being promoted?

In the FAQ it says "Promoted myTakes are featured myTakes that we found to be really inspiring or helpful, full of information that we want more G@Gers to learn from!" However, it appears anything is getting promoted now, even takes you can barely understand or are of no benefit to the GAG community.
Genuinely good takes are being drowned out by ones that aren't to a high standard. I see more pointless takes being recommended than really well thought out interesting ones! It devalues and hides the really good ones that I want to read!

I've also had many of my myTakes get heavily edited whilst others which are promoted clearly haven't had any changes, despite very noticeable errors. Other users, I included, have written takes which we didn't expect to get promoted because we felt they didn't meet the requirements, but they still did.

Why is this happening?
Does anyone else see this?



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  • Well, as I told you before, I really didn't expect my recent myTake to be promoted. Lol I don't know why they're promoting so many but a lot of the promoted ones don't make a lot of sense or just have absolutely no real point or underlying message.

    I think some get promoted just because they're controversial and the admins want controversy because it promotes discussion and more people will gravitate towards it. However, for some of the others, I just have no idea. I'm not trying to be rude and it's nothing against the take owner, but like the ones that just got promoted about periods, I see no reason for those to have been promoted. They aren't helpful, inspiring, they have no real point or message, I just don't get it.


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  • I too have noticed this, and yet I don't know why. maybe an oversight.

  • I'll just say, that hopefully, it's someone who
    knows what they're doing, who's
    sitting with that workorder. ^.^

  • oldest trick in the book, promote stuff so that it attracts more people once you got enough people you start milking it.

  • I'd do that if I wanted to promote MyTakes.
    It's not so easy to publish one, you need the subject that is "in scope" of GAG and that you can tell an interesting story about. I wouldn't know about what...


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  • I think it's got to do with the title? If you use overused titles, it won't be promoted? I don't know, I'm ignorant :)

  • I have no idea. I saw an article about why small breast are better. I found it offensive.

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