Should I just move on?

should i just move on, or end this friendship
Im an asshole, and I mean that in the sense of what nice guys say girls fall for but I'm a nice guy also because I I level out my douchyness, but with this girl I can't be as assertive, and confident and as sure of myself, as I normally am, I don't speak my mind to her because I'm a afraid to lose her I've pretty much friend zoned my self, but her and I know that we would have sex of it came down to it we just literally never get to that point and I think my times ran out, I don't want to be friends with her anymore because I'm so out of my element when she's around and its even worse because I get caught in emotions I want to be with her but if i can't have her then I don't want her in my life, its confusing I know, I'm super shy around her, id back flip for her and she treats me like **** and she knows it but we've gotten so close that it would be weird to be apart with our mutual friends and all, and of I tried to end it shed stop me is hope at least. What should I do, we both **** other people she's know i do, I know she does. What makes me think she likes me is how we flirt because we just stare at each other and its like. There's something there but we just can't find it.
Sorry i really I talked in a big circle, but this is what she does to me.
Its been a week since we've talked, but we use snapchat and she views my story and so on, I haven't talked to her because she told me shed make an effort as I stated and wanted to see if she would, and she hasn't tried to contact me


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  • If im getting this right, you consider yourself an ass, but you like this girl and can't bring yourself to become an ass around her. Not only that, this girl treats you like crap but you stay around anyway... you guys don't really do much but make it seem like you will, and you stalk each other on social media. Did i miss anything?
    First off, you're not an ass, you are a softie with a wall, you just put up a front and it looks like she sees through it. Secondly, you ask if you should move on... my question is Why? the chemistry is there so why not just take whatever step is next or are you thinking she will turn you down? (because a true ass won't think that at all) Thirdly, Maybe you should start asserting yourself too... you didn't friend zone yourself, you put yourself in the doghouse with her. If anything, i think she's waiting for you to do the second and third ones.
    Also, for my own entertainment, @KillerTaco meet AwkoTaco20.
    AwkoTaco, you wana see asserting, mess with this one girl lol

    • I don't "consider" myself and asshole, it's just something I've been called numerous amounts of times.
      Thanks for saying it because I've been avoiding it myself but I am a softie with a wall, and I know it's time to knock the thing down.
      Could you possibly explain what you mean by "you guys don't really do much but make it seem like you will"
      You see that the che, is try is there I like to think there's, my problem is not knowing how to go about "getting in a relationship, I've never Ben in one and am not sure how to go about it, if you could shed some light then and give me a push in the right direction it would be appreciated

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    • LoL, what I would do? thats very complicated and not meant for public eyes, all I know is that one of two things is gonna happen, Im either gonna get the girl eventually or one of us is going to end up hurt haha...

    • Could you message me that haha, if that's not to much for the girl.

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  • If you really care for then you don't oush her away or use some bull excuse about having "issues". Everyone has issues but you don't just dump your friends and if you want more with her then step up and say it. So whay if she makes you nervous and you don't know what to say, you step up and be a damn man.

    • for her* then

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    • Something I needed to here, how do I go about stepping up and telling her what I want, I've never been in this situation as I've never been in a relationship, or anything leading up to that

    • You just say what you feel, there is no perfect way, she'll either feel the same and appreciate it or she won't, in which case you can then move on.

  • Well your in the friend zone. U just need to let it go. Because its like when she has other guys in her life your not her first your her last.


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