How to remove my comments on this site?

how to remove them?

thank you.


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  • They can't be removed unless they violate the site's posting guidelines. From the FAQ section:

    "Can I edit or delete my own posts?

    No. Once you have submitted a question, take, opinion, or comment, you cannot edit or delete it.
    We do not remove posts per user request. If it doesn't violate any site rules, we won't remove it. Please carefully consider what you post before clicking Submit so as to avoid 'post regret'.

    However, you can update your question using the Update link on your question page.
    You can change it to or from anonymous by checking or unchecking the Anonymous box from the post.
    You can also Disavow the question, which makes the question Anonymous and you'll no longer receive notifications.
    To Disavow, hover your mouse over the broken link symbol next to the question title on your question list page and click Yes.
    Please remember, you cannot reclaim the question after it's been disavowed."


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  • unfortunately, you cannot.


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  • I think it is not possible I have lot of experience regarding this

  • They are indelible. Just mean what you write.

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