Physical magnetism is it a real thing?

I noticed that im able to feel some kind of magnetism towards someone. Like a guy with whom we make eyes contact All the time, i dont know his name, we never speak but whenever i'm, i mind my own busyness but we always make eye contact or lock eyes. when he enters the class or sits behind i can feel his presence, even if i dont look at him and have no idea who was that person. also if he sits near me, we dont touch our arms or shoulders but i feel like i actually can feel him, he enters my personal space all the time and sometimes even bumps into me, like drawn to me or smth.
is it magnetism what we have, why it happens?


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  • It sounds like y'all are both attracted to each other, but I mean, I wouldn't really call it magnetism. lol

    • Attracted? well then is smth subconcious because i can't say that i like him.

    • Get to know him. Find out if y'all click.

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  • I think so ur both attracted to one another one of u nd to break the ice