Isn't it funny how many people worry too much height, looks, etc?

The way they post makes it sound like they think it's the end of the world.

Seriously what about those individuals that truly had horrible accidents and either lost a limp or become disfigured for life?
They sure have it a lot harder than worrying about if being 5'9 or under is short for a man (5'2 or under being too short for a girl), a couple facial acne, not having a bf/gf after graduating from HS, being average in looks, asking people to rate you, etc.

I admit there were certain times a while ago where I would also fall within this category about worrying about the slightest thing or imperfections and realize those people I just mencioned, who have it much worse... even they work it out and get on with their life.


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  • So true :)
    People shouldn't complain about what they have.

    I was watching the news the other day, there was a story about a little Syrian girl whose face had been disfigured (due to the war :/) and she had to wear a mask for 20 hours of the day for like 3 months until she recovered.

    I mean people need to appreciate what they have got and find happiness from it because there are people who are living with much worse... And they still get along with life.

    • Yeah, I hope that poor girl gets the help she needs.

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  • 5'9" or under too short for a guy? LOL

    then half of the male population should feel insecure if anything under 5'9" is short.

    • I've seen ridiculous male posters thinking that's too short for a guy. I dated my then nearly 5'8 bf and I'm 5'7. The point I was trying to make is while too many people worry about silly stuff like those, there are people who really have undergone traumatic events and they still move on with their life and we don't see them writting here complaining.

  • So only people who've had their head crushed in a car accident have a right to complain?

    • Well I wouldn't blame them since what happened isn't what everyone goes through in life (the natural life cycle that is) but everything I see another male poster complaining about being cursed by his under 6ft height... if I were there I seriously would want to throw a pale of cold water on him.

    • every time

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  • Everyone is different and they all have different concerns/insecurities. It's not like it's any of your business. So deal with it.

  • They're all too sensitive and ungrounded. Emotionally vulnerable too.

    • True indeed.

    • True.. That's where confidance lies.. If your unhappy with what you've got.. You need to come to terms with what you have, then you can become confident with what you've got.

    • Making money off the highly insecured is a big market out there. Hmm maybe i should do that too. :P