Do you like Gag's new update?

I think it's nice, but everything looks so different now, I don't like change but it's manageable except from the Age group thing, i feel like i can't troll or post weird anon question with people knowing my age, What do you think?


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  • I personally like it, feels like you can trust people more
    somewhat at least. Like people are more open.

    Also as I asked another girl your age
    did you like it better, had it shown "under 18"? ^.^

    • Yes because i hate the fact that since people know my real age, they wouldn't take me seriously.

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    • Asker, post reasonable stuff and engage in meaningful conversation and people will treat you more than your age. What does trolling get you besides being treated like a troll?

    • There are questions that i will to know but people won't answer because they would think I'm too young

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  • I hate it. I don't like change in general and there's just too much change going around. Honestly I liked GAG the way it was when I first joined (almost a year ago). Now I'm starting to lose that love. I don't know if I'll stay for too much longer. Maybe I will... who knows.

  • I'm getting use to it. I'm not sure that I it like to show my age. I like privacy