Why so many under the age of 14 here? Is this allowed?

I'm a bit worried about the teenagers that post here, especially 13 year olds. They have no business being on an ADULT site. Do they fake their birth date or are 13 year olds allowed on here? If they are, I'm very disgusted.


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  • This is not an "adult" site though.

    As XHoneyxBeex mentioned, 13yo people are indeed
    allowed, but that's the youngest, the site allows.

    There is also pretty strict rules, concerning what
    they can post, and what they can't.

    • Well, as long as there are strict rules about what they can't or cannot post. I was just concerned thats all.

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  • oh common, its site for people asking for advice. its not doing any harm to anyone. Some of these don't have the luxury of good parents to help them.

    • To be I would feel safe for my child of 13 to come on here. I think its a lot more safe, than stupid site like Facebook. I would be more afraid for them being on Facebook. Its far more dangerous. There is a lot of good people on this site. There is odd idiot doing trolling.

  • everyone's welcomed here... from 0 to 100 yo


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  • 13 year olds are allowed on here. Under 13 is not allowed.

  • 13 is allowed and technically its not an adult site its just an advice site the adult part is in the sexual area and tbh 13 year olds are having sex no matter how disgusting it is I'm sad to say its true

  • 13 year olds are allowed

  • Gag recently changed the rules a few months ago to allow leeway for the younger ones to come here. Since they were lying their age and asking for people to rate them. It was more of an adult site earlier on but now the kids are changing it. Its seen more of a family site. But i personally feel restricted by their being here due to being extra careful in giving explicit opinions. a lot of these kids are not emotionally mature enough to deal with an opinions that can be rude or hard to them. They can be quick to be insulting or over reactive because they are dealing with older people.

    • They also affect the quality of questions asked.

      IMHO, they should have a junior section for 12-17 so it can cater for the common issues that they will face. E. g. Boob size, virginity, body image issues etc.

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    • meant good people.

    • Phantom-joker it's a haven for sexual predators too.