Can you remove the picture you have on your post?

Title says it all. Can you remove the picture you have om your post?


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  • You can do it when you upload those pics you're going to post on a site like tinypic or imgur. You can delete it there, and GAG won't be able to load it anymore :)

    • Do you have to have an account there in order to be able to delete the pictures you've posted?

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    • You're welcome! You actually helped me :D thanks

    • some people don't choose mho even though they got help ;)

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  • you cannot undo anything you post basically

  • Anything once posted here is permanent unless you request the admin!

    • Is it? Because I think i have seen people saying that they removed their picture. And I know they were not talking about their profile picture.

    • They might have requested to the admin... or the might be talking about cover picture!

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