When you ask a question do you give 'most helpfull' and upvotes?

I have noticed that a lot of question that are several days old still dont have a 'Most helpful answer' selected. And that some answers, even if the question asker responded positively to the answer, dont get an upvote.

So if you ask a question what do you do? Do you upvote and/or select MH? Why? Why not?

Personaly i think everyone shopuld try to select MH and give upvotes after all people did take the time to try help.

I'll give upvotes and MH to all of you ofc. ;)

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how long do you wai to select MH?


Most Helpful Girl

  • i always give MH. i'll wait a few days to give it. probably up to 5 days and then i choose one. sometimes i upvote it, sometimes i don't. it depends on the opinion.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Yes, I always up vote everyone who answers my questions. I also give out MHO, but not until several days after the question has been asked, just in case I get more answers to select from.

  • I don't select MH right away. I wait a couple of days, so that all the of the opinions I'm going to get come in. Then I pick MH. I upvote as I read them.

    • same here but I've seen week old posts without so i wondered

  • I don't give upvotes, unless I love your opinion. I think they're useless. I feel forced to give MH.


What Guys Said 1

  • i always give MHO asap