Perhaps a dumb question - how to assign more than one topic to a question from GaG mobile?

Can this even be done using the mobile site? I have yet to figure it out.


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  • No one can assign more than one topic to a question, all questions only get one topic. The only exception is if someone posts a sexual question and does not use a sexuality topic, the system will automatically give the question a sexuality topic until an admin can correct it.

    • Huh. I've seen questions posed here with both "Guy's behavior" and "Girl's behavior" topics appended to it, is why I ask.

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    • If you don't believe me, feel free to contact the admins and ask, but they will just tell you the same thing I'm saying.

    • K, thanks

  • You can't, it's just the system adds another topic by itself sometimes if it looks like it'd also be relevant there.


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