Have you experienced what I am feeling now?

Recently, I've noticed more obvious signs that he may likes me, because it seems that he cares much of how I behave, as every move, at church. Although he then acts as avoiding me or hiding from my sight when I keep looking at him sometimes, I still feel that he seems to look at me. If he's not interested, why are my behaviors matter much to him? Also, his altar friends as I continue to notice, don't act like he does and they don't care much of how I act or look at me or anyone around sitting. About him and I, we probably exchanged eye contacts with each other more, but still have not had a chance to talk. I am too shy to smile back at him yet and plus, I feel a bit awkward to do so in church. -_- Lately, I'm having this weird feeling that I have not experienced before ( not the same feeling when I had a crush in middle school). Pretty much, when he's not around, it is easy for me to breath, but I feel empty and don't want to look at his altar friends or other guys around. The feeling when he's around is not really nervousness, flutter, but calm with heaviness in chest.

My heart or maybe chest does not feel good when he acts like avoiding me sometimes, but then other times, I feel better when seeing or feeling that he looks toward me. There's something that I can't explain, but like my instinct takes over me and makes me feel that whether he's acting mad or happy, I am the cause.


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  • Yeah, I have the same feeling when I see this girl I like I see her every other day and its been a year since, whenever she looks at me my chest gets heavy and my steps get slow.
    he IS interested. (very much)

    • Yay! someone feels like this before, at least I don't feel left out. lol Guess, I do have feeling for him, but just not the same like young, middle school's crush. It's weird. lol. oh! have you talked to her yet?

    • No, I have been crushing on her since I first saw her (as I have told you is been a year, and I still have the same reaction) , for some reason I just can't gather the balls. :/
      Though, good luck to you :D

    • uhm, maybe you can start waving at her and see if she cares to smile back or start talking to you. :]

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