Should I haut go for it and kiss him? Even if I don't know he likes me?

My y crush kept playing a video of me singing when I was in the car alone with him and everytime he played it I would jump on him and try to take his phone away. He kept playing it I actually had to lick his hands to get the phone out. I almost fell on top of him but I don't know if he likes me. He's so cute and next time we hang out should I just kiss him? Would that be weird? ugh


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  • Just go for it. No guy is gonna be upset that a cute girl kissed him

    • How should Iean in for it. Should I A. grab his face and kiss him? B. Just lean in without touching him and kiss? C. Hold behind his head? D. Ask him if he wants to kiss. Should these be unexpected kisses

    • However you feel in the moment. It's too hard to plan spontaneous, things don't always work perfectly. I'd just plan on kissing him and whenever the chance comes, go for it and just do what feels natural. Any of your A, B, C, or D would work. You might also just do a quick peck on the cheek or if you get close, stare into each other's eyes until you both just lean in and kiss. Anything will work

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